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Have more time. Prioritize only your needle movers!

Structure your days better with smart planning and time-saving tools, so your time goes only into your top priorities!

Just $15 (Regularly $79)

Mom-life CAN be calmer.

For a limited time, get access to our complete Mom's Master Plan Mega Bundle for just $15 (a $79 value!).

  • Includes a Mom's Master Planner (a $15 value)
  • Also includes helpful Planner Add-On Printables, designed for additional focused projects like seasonal deep cleaning, homeschooling, and habit trackers (a $7 value)
  • Includes Busy Kids' Toolkit full of fun educational worksheets, activities, routine cards, reward charts & calendars to keep your little ones occupied. (a $57 value)
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A Digital Resource Bundle for Moms Struggling to Manage Time & Energy with Little Ones ANNDD Housekeeping!

Just Imagine If You Could...

  • Create a sanity-saving prioritized organization plan for staying on top of your important tasks without running yourself ragged doing ALL.THE.THINGS.
  • Have structure in your days with time and energy-saving habits, daily rhythms, and routines in place with built-in accountability and encouragement for yourself plus the kids!
  • Actually feel like you're doing okay at either role (momming & housekeeping) because you now have smarter systems in place.
  • Set and accomplish goals, schedule your days, stay on track of healthy new habits, meal plan, homeschool, prioritize self-care, deep clean the house, keep the kids happily engaged all with one planning & organization tool.

Wish you could balance mom-life priorities a bit better... but all you do is scramble all day to get stuff done-coz there's always too much to do?


And I'm here to end your juggle struggle- because we moms deserve calm!

I reached a point of failure in mom-life where I thought something's really wrong with me, maybe I had ADHD, or bipolar? I just couldn't balance all my duties like other normal moms. My overloaded mind forgot too often, I was disorganized, a big fat procrastinator, constant pressures made me a snappy scary mommy. (No self-care justified the scary bit though!) That is how I started writing about managing time with kids to hold myself accountable to a journey of learning to balance my duties better.

Giving structure to my days with an organization plan has been the first step that helped a stubborn case like me balance my priorities better and slow down my time and the life I was seeing pass me by.

Give it just one try, I promise you will soon say for yourself that you finally feel like you’re doing okay at either role (mom and housekeeper)! #winwin

If you’re reading this, you're ready to take back control of your home life and your time (it's yours after all!). All you have to do is follow Mom's Master Planner to gain back control over your time and enjoy more joy and calm at home.

Get The Tools You Need for a Saner Home Life with Kids

Streamlining life with kids should be easier for all moms. These handy, powerful tools and practical sheets will help you create a smoother running home life even with smaller kids all while prioritizing your own care too.

This bundle is made so you can take care of the top three important areas of your life, — House, Self & Kids including resources for Goals, Habits, Plans & Schedules, Self Care, Meal Planning, Cleaning, Budgeting, Fun & Learning for Kids, and more. Here are a few of the many resources included in this amazing digital bundle.


Prioritized Goals

Daily Structures

Healthy Habits




Fine Motor Skills


Boredom Busters





Meal Planning




1. Can I find similar printables for FREE somewhere else?

I don't know. Maybe yes, but not in the same design with premium graphics and not all from one place.

You'd have to put in tons of time to find some of the things and I bet such kids' resources won't be available anywhere for free.

Probably....if you have the extra time.

You also won't find productivity sheets that cater to housekeeping, kids, and self-care all in concise layouts in one place.

2. Will I receive anything in mail?

No. This is a digital product in PDF file format. Everything will immediately be available for download in your email box inside a zip folder.

You will require to print out all the tools and planner pages you will need.

3. Is this bundle worth the price?

At $15 for hundreds of printables, I would love for you to compare prices with regular Etsy printables just for an idea. Only one of the many resources included in this bundle will be equal to the price of this entire bundle. And with the Kids' Toolbox included, you won't find a better deal, I promise.

But if for some reason, you're not completely happy with your purchase, just email me at hena@funactivitiesathome.com within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund you your money, no questions asked. And you can keep the entire printable bundle too!

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Special Note:

When you purchase a bundle, a portion of your money feeds someone for the entire day. (I use the Share The Meal app to pay for a day of meals for every sale I make!)